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A Miracle

He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.

Job 9:10


We didn’t get any trick-or-treaters at the RV park we were living in so we went to bed early that night.  Jonathan was working the next day and we had to get up at 4:30 am.  My cell phone buzzed at around 1:30 am, then Jonathan’s buzzed as well.  After that, they both started buzzing several times.  I looked at the screen and there was a text from Jonathan’s mom, Judy. She was at the hospital, 1000 miles away from us asking for prayer for his Dad, John.

John had fallen that night at just around 10:00 pm, and landed flat on his back with the back of his head hitting the tile floor.  He stands at 6’2”, so this was a long way down to fall.  He didn’t try to break his fall so we were thinking he must have passed out. 

Judy said that she called the paramedics immediately after the fall but he had already had what seemed like a seizure.  He was now in the ICU at the hospital and by the time we found out what had happened, we learned that the prognosis was not good.  

John was in a coma and they had put him on a ventilator.  His Neurosurgeon said that when he hit the back of his head on the tile, his brain actually ricocheted off of the front of his skull.  The doctor said that this type of injury usually affected speech, emotion, decision making and memory.  Should he recover, the doctor said he most likely wouldn’t be the same person.  We were devastated after hearing the prognosis but at the same time hopeful because we know the amazing power of prayer and what God is capable of. 

The doctor said that the standard of care was to wait 2 weeks and give John’s brain time for the swelling to reduce.  When we talked to Judy over the next few days, she said that his Dad was sitting up, his eyes were open but he couldn’t talk because of his ventilator and he wasn’t responsive.

We waited and prayed for over 2 weeks, getting updates through Jonathan’s family every day.  Then, one evening Jonathan’s sister called and said it was time to come and be with the family at the hospital.  John did not seem to be improving and the doctor said it was time to make some difficult decisions.

When Jonathan and I arrived at the hospital 20 hours later, we went directly to John’s room and I noticed right away that his eyes followed Jonathan as he crossed the room.  It was like he was tracking him and I thought I saw a response John’s eyes.  The doctor said there was no way that was possible, and it was just an involuntary response. 

So many people from John and Judy’s church as well as friends and family were coming and going from John’s room praying, talking and singing to him.  It was amazing to witness.  

The next day, with the doctor’s advice and from what we knew John would want, the family decided it was time to take him off of his ventilator.  The doctor said that there was not enough improvement to reflect that John was going to recover and we knew that he didn’t want to be kept alive with machines.  It was a wednesday when this was decided and both Judy and Jonathan’s brother said we needed to wait to remove the ventilator until friday. 

We all agreed that we would wait until friday and each one of us said goodbye to him in our own ways on Thursday evening.  Even though we were sad, we knew where John was going and that was such a comfort.  The doctor said that after the ventilator was removed the next morning, they would make him as comfortable as possible and he would slowly just stop breathing.   

That night was a sleepless night for everyone, and when friday morning came Jonathan and I felt such a sense of dread while getting ready to go to the hospital.  We were almost out the door when Judy called and said that we needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible, the doctor had called her and said John was awake.  She said he was now responding to stimuli and the doctor wanted us all there so he could take John off his ventilator and see if he would be able to talk. 

When we got to the hospital room, it was a night and day difference in John. He was definitely awake and squeezing our hands and trying to talk to us, unsuccessfully because of his ventilator. 

Jonathan, Judy, and Jonathan’s sister and brother were in the room when the doctor eventually took out his ventilator.  The doctor had warned us that he may not make any sense if and when he spoke and he may not know who people were.  

Jonathan’s sister came out to the waiting area after what seemed like forever to give us an update and she said that when the doctor asked him if he knew who Jonathan was he said “Team Jesus… of course I know who that is.  That’s my son Jonathan!”  The shirt Jonathan was wearing that day had “Team Jesus” written on the front of it.  Not only did John recognize people, he could read!  It was a miracle.  We all cried, even people who rarely showed any emotion were tearing up.  Someone sitting close to me finally proclaimed, “It’s a miracle!” 

John’s doctor later said that John’s recovery could only be explained as being directed by God. He said it was nothing he had done with the practice of medicine and that he had never seen anything like it.  Had we removed John’s ventilator even one night earlier, he would have not recovered.   

John stayed in the hospital for another week and then was transferred to a rehab facility where he improved and eventually got to go home. 

Today, almost 2 years later, he lives a fairly normal life for a 73-year-old.  He says he feels better now then he did before the fall.  God worked a miracle in John.  I believe as well as the majority of the people who witnessed this miracle unfold, that He did it for His glory.

There are people all across the country and even the world who have heard this true story.  Now you have too.  

We always hear about these so-called miracles, but until you really witness one, I don’t think you can fully grasp how miraculous God is.  If this wasn’t a miracle of God, I don’t know what is. 


But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds, declares the Lord

Jeremiah 30:17



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