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Pumpkin Surprise

Don’t worry, this isn’t an article about the fall season.  We’re still celebrating summer here at the farm.


This morning, I walked out to inspect my garden like I do every morning and I got a big surprise! There were pumpkins growing on one of the plants I thought were zucchini plants.


Two months ago, I unknowingly planted pumpkin seeds in the same row as my zucchini.  I’ve raised them thinking they were zucchini and the plants look like zucchini. This would explain why these two plants were not producing any fruit like the zucchini had been doing for over a week now.

I noticed some vines and shoots coming out from the bushes a few days before. My Uncle told me he had never seen a zucchini plant vine like that and he’s a retired farmer. Typical of me, I just thought my plants were special.

When I saw the round pumpkins growing this morning, it explained so much. It didn’t explain how I ended up with two pumpkin plants in the middle of my three zucchini plants.

20160804_140207When I initially planted the zucchini seeds, they all came out of the same package. The seeds as well as the sprouts that came up later on, looked the same.



I thinned out the plants when they were 3 inches tall, just like the directions on the seed package instructed.  As all of the plants in that row began growing taller and thicker, they looked exactly the same to me. They had the identical leaf shape, and the stem and stalks were the same size and color. When they all started blossoming, even the blossoms were the same color and size.  Or so I thought, until I examined this picture I took a few weeks ago a little more closely.  The difference is quite apparent in this picture.  The zucchini leaves are a darker green with some white veins running through them.  The pumpkin leaves are bigger and rounder on the edges.


I was pleasantly surprised by this mistake I had made. I was kicking myself about a month ago for not planting pumpkins. Now we will have pumpkins for the upcoming fall season!


I think that this pumpkin surprise is similar to how expectations and realities can be completely different. Surprisingly, sometimes the reality is actually better.  Sure, we can cut up, grate, cook and eat zucchini, but that’s about the extent of their uses for us.  While pumpkins on the other hand are edible, but we can also roast their seeds, carve faces and shapes into them, and decorate our homes and patios with them.


food-315429You may think you have your  life  garden all mapped out for what you will harvest from it. You plan for it and nurture it. You prepare yourself, your surroundings and your time in expectation of what is to come. Then, out of the blue, instead of getting what you expected, you get pumpkins! Enjoy and cherish the pumpkins surprises that God blesses your life with.  He knows what we need more than we do.

By the way… this is the first garden I’ve ever planted so I had no idea what I was doing.  The reason I unknowingly planted pumpkin seeds is because someone accidentally put them into my zucchini seed package.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Pat Dana Pat Dana

    So true Tawny…sometimes mistakes turn out to be fun!!

    • Tawny Tawny


  2. Kathy Kathy

    What a great message!

    • Tawny Tawny

      Thank you Kathy!

    • That sounds so good!

  3. Surprise!!!! 🙂
    That’s too cool! Personally, I am a total Fall Enthusiast. So this would have made me jump about 10 feet in the air.

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