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Why we love shoes

Women’s shoes.  We have so many choices like flats, heels, open toes, closed toes, platforms, boots, ballets, wedges, the list goes on and on.


I know a woman who buys large amounts of shoes.  We liken her to Imelda Marcos.  She isn’t AS extreme as Imelda, but should she have the closet space and the funding, I’m sure she would be.  She likes to have a different shoe for every outfit and sometimes 2 for each outfit depending on her activities for that day.  She has a shoe in every color and various shades of those colors.  She doesn’t spend a lot of money on her shoes, frequenting stores like Ross, TJ Maxx and DSW.  The nice thing about this type of shoe buying is that since she’s not spending a small fortune on her shoes, she doesn’t mind if they wear out more quickly or go out of style because she can just go buy another pair!


Another woman doesn’t care how much her shoes cost. Price is not a factor for her because spending money on a good pair of shoes is more important than the price.  She might spend $100 more on a pair of shoes than the thrifty shoe shopper.  She appreciates and expects comfortable, well-fitting shoes.  In her case, she gets what she pays for, and the added bonus of her shoes standing the test of time.  More expensive, supportive shoes seem to last and stay on trend longer than the former.

Finally, there is a woman that is a combination of the first two types I’ve discussed.  She prefers a large volume in her shoe collection and expects high quality as well.  My hats off to her.  I am fascinated by the different types of shoes she purchases.  She buys shoes I would never even consider looking at let alone buying, because of the price tag.


As for me, I love a good pair of well-fitting shoes.  When I was younger I was a super thrifty shoe girl, wanting more of a variety of shoes to choose from without having to spend the money on a quality pair. I shopped at places like PayLess, Walmart and Target. These shoes wore out extremely fast and were terribly uncomfortable. My feet are no longer in great shape and I think it’s a consequence of my previous shoe choices.


Personally, I would rather spend a little more money and get one or two pairs of shoes that are comfortable.  I prefer flats with a small heel and will no longer wear any type of high heel or wedge.

Why do some of us have such an appreciation for shoes, and why are we drawn to them?  We need to wear them when we leave the house to protect our feet, but I think it’s more than just that.  We enjoy buying shoes because once we stop growing, our feet do too.  Our shoe size stays the same and we can count on that size fitting us.  We can gain or lose weight, age, have kids, grandkids, get a new job, move across the country and our shoes will come right along on the journey with us.  Shoes are trustworthy, can take us anywhere and over time, they mold to our feet.

I asked a few women to describe why they like shoes so much.  Here are a few of their responses:

  • “They finish my outfits”
  • “Shoes always fit, no matter my weight, unlike my clothes”
  • “There are 2 of them, like having twins”
  • “One shoe is great, but two that match are even better”
  • “It’s fun to match colors with my outfits”

My husband says that shoes for women are like tools for men.   They all serve different purposes.  They come in all different shapes, sizes and colors.  They are useful.  We need them.

What kind of shoe person are you?  Leave a comment below!


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  1. Judy Lee Nelson Judy Lee Nelson

    I have read all of your blogs. I think it is fun to see this side of you and didn’t know you could write so well. Thanks for sharing yourself with me!
    I love you Sweetie Pie!

    • Tawny Tawny

      Thank you for taking the time to read these Judy! I love you too.

  2. Pat Van Gorder Pat Van Gorder

    Hmmm…I have a very dear friend who has a pair of shoes for every outfit. You would love her collection! Another great Blog, Tawny.

    • Tawny Tawny

      Yes! She’s my Muse…

  3. Pat Dana Pat Dana

    Tawny, You can really spin a good tale. Read all your blogs and made the taco casserole! Loo forward to the next saga

    • Tawny Tawny

      Thank you Pat 😊

  4. Wendy Davidson Wendy Davidson

    Tawny, I’ve so enjoyed reading your wonderfully written and insightful stories and I know where you get your specialness from!

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